***MATCH LAKE 2 & 3 (DOUGHNUT)  CLOSED DUE TO FLOODS***                                                                        ***BIG LAKE, MATCH LAKE 1, CANAL, TRADITIONAL LAKE & JACOBS CREEK OPEN AS USUAL***



General Questions

Q. What are the fishery rules?
A. See
The Rules page.

Q. What are the opening hours?
A. We open at 7:00am, 7 days a week all year round. Closing times vary in different seasons so check the closing times on the website

Q. Do you cater for disabled anglers?
A. Disabled anglers are welcome to our fishery but we advise them to contact us first to discuss their needs.

Q. Which is the best lake for beginners?
A. Our Canal or Match Lake 2 are probably the best lakes for beginners

Q. Can I use a keep-net?
A. Keep-nets can only be used in organised matches.

Q. Are there refreshments available?
A. Yes there is a Waterfront Diner offering a good selection of hot/cold food and drink.

Q. Do you have toilet facilities?
A. We have a number of portable toilets located around the site, plus the toilets in the café including a disabled toilet.

Q. Where's the best place to fish?
A. The best place to fish varies from day to day depending on time of year and conditions. You are best to seek the advice of our fishery staff.

Q. Can I night fish?
A. Night fishing is only available on our big fish lake, Traditional Lake (17 pegs) and Match Lake 1 (8 pegs). We do not allow night fishing for Pike.

Q. Can I pre-book a swim?
A. Yes, only on the Traditional Lake and Match Lake 1 or Peg 27 and 007 on the Big Lake.

Q. Do you have shower facilities?
A. Yes we have the use of the Bramford Golf Club Showers.  Just come to the shop first and we will notify them of your arrival and direct you to the Club.

Q. How many rods can I use?
A. Up to three rods can be used on our Big Lake and up to two rods on our Match and Traditional lakes. Day ticket prices vary accordingly.

Q. Can I bring a spectator?
A. Yes, you can bring a spectator but all visitors (not spectators or non-fishing guests) need to report to the main ticket office and pay £3 to visit for over 1 hour.

Q. How old do I have to be to fish unaccompanied?
A. You can fish unaccompanied from the age of 18. All under 18-year olds need to be supervised by an adult.

Carp Fishing

Q. Are bait boats allowed?
A. Only on the Big Lake from pegs 1 to 11 - but please ensure you do not cut across other anglers.

Q. Can I use lead core braid?
A. Yes - but with due care and attention so that carp cannot be tethered.

Q. How many swims do you have?
A. We have 37 spacious swims on the Big Lake.

Q. Can I buy bait and tackle onsite?
A. Yes, we have a well-equipped bait and tackle shop.  Have a look at the BEX Bait and Tackle page for more info.

Q. Will you assist with photography?
A. Yes. Fishery staff will help with any photo-worthy big carp (or pike).

See also Carp Rules

Pike Fishing

Q. Is live bait allowed?
A. We do not allow live bait but have dead bait in the freezer in the shop.

Q. When can I pike fish?
A. The pike season usually runs from October time when the water temperature hits below 10Oc   until the 31st of March. Please call the shop for more accurate information.

Q. Can I night fish for pike?
A. No. Night fishing for pike is not allowed. We feel this is an unsafe practice.

Q. Will you assist with photography?
A. Yes. Fishery staff will help with any photo worthy big pike (or carp).

See also Pike Rules

Match fishing

Q. How many keep-nets do I need for a match?
A. You need two keep-nets - one for silver fish and one for carp.

Q. Are there bait restrictions?
A. In matches, we do not allow cat food or floating baits.

Q. What is the time scale for a match?
A. For Sat/Sun matches, we draw at 8.30am and fish the match between 10am and 3pm (5 hours). All matches must be no longer than the 5 hours.

See also Match Rules .