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Match Bookings


Suffolk Water Park holds Open and hosts Club matches over the year on the Match Lakes and Canal Lake.  
Match anglers usually arrive early for breakfast when the café opens at 7am. 
(Scroll down to view the latest Open Match results or read about the latest Bait-Tech Senior Masters held on 17th October 2018 HERE)

Suggested Club match timings:
DRAW: 8.30am
FISH: 10am-3pm
WEIGH IN: By 4pm
We advise you to follow this structure or you can choose your own times although a maximum fishing time of 5 hours only is allowed.

If you have a large group of anglers attending your match you may want to ring them and pre-book food/ breakfast in advance.  Tel: 01473 830414

Match Booking Costs

 Lake:  Pegs:  Whole Lake Hire Cost
 Match lake 1  42 (suits 38)  £250
 Match lake 2  31 (suits 16)  £175
 Match lake 3  20 (suits 10)  £70
 Canal  20 (suits 10)  £70
 M3 + Canal  For a match of 11-20  £100


WHOLE LAKE BOOKINGS: 50% deposit must be taken on booking.


Minimum payment due £150 if less than 15 anglers

Match Results - Suffolk Water Park

OPEN MATCH RESULTS!!! Match held on Wednesday 11th September 2019 on Match Lake 1.

1st - Tim Ostler - 66lb (peg 28) - Method Feeder & down edge

2nd - Mark Harrington - 43lb 4oz (peg 5) - Method Feeder & down edge

Section Winner: Alan Tuck - 42lb (Peg 24) - Method & Down the Edge

Section Winner: Bob Fuller- 34lb 4oz (Peg 8) - Method Feeder

Next open match to be held on Wednesday the 18th September. Please call the shop to book in by 2pm on Tuesday 17th September.

(Draw at 8.30am, fish 10am - 3pm.)

Match held on Wednesday 4th September 2019 on Match Lake 1.

1st - Gary Bull - 77lb 4oz (peg 5) - Bomb & Pellet

2nd - Bob Fuller - 61lb 14oz (peg 8) - Pellet Wagg & Method

3rd - Martin Ockwell- 59lb (peg 10) - Pellet Waggler & Bomb

Section Winner: Alan Tuck - 44lb 10oz (Peg 6) - Method & Down the Edge

Section Winner: Ron Brewer - 44lb 8oz (Peg 26) - Method & Pellet

Match held on Wednesday 29th August 2019 on Match Lake 1.

1st - Alan Tuck - 81lb 4oz (peg 5) - Pole down the edge & Method, maggot

2nd - Jim Barrowmin -  45lb (peg 25) - Straight Lead & Method

3rd - Olly Bird - 38lb 4oz (peg 26) - Pellet Waggler

Match Held on Wednesday 21st August 2019 on Match Lake 1

1st Alan Tuck 85lb 8oz (peg 24) - Down the edge & Method

2nd Malcom Jeffery 64lb 8oz (peg 28) - Straight Lead & Pellet

3rd Chris Knight 61lb 2oz (peg 5) - Pellet Waggler

 match lake 1 

4th – Dick Bagley - Peg 4 - 33lb
Next open match will be on Match Lake 1 on Wednesday 23rd August. Please call the shop by 2PM on Tuesday 22nd August to book in!
Thanks for your support - SWP