SWP is under new management from 1st October 2020. We are in the process of updating the information on the website.

For up to date information, please check out our Facebook page.

We have started a considerable maintenance programme and we ask for your patience as we carry out the works around the whole site - it will be worth it!!! 

FOR ALL DINER ENQUIRIES CALL 01473 830414 - THANK YOU - The Diner is currently CLOSED due to the COVID restrictions. 

The Rules of SWP 
(Jan 2021)

The rules are in place to ensure the safety of our fish, to protect the environment and the anglers who use it. Failure to comply with the rules will result in you being asked to leave with no refund. If you want to download & keep a copy of these rules, click here.


  • No litter – please use the bins provided around the lakes, or take it home – includes tea bags, fag ends & baby wipes & face masks.
  • No parking or driving on the grass. Use dedicated parking areas only. Do not park in the swim.
  • Do not run your engine while stationary. 
  • No fires – small BBQs are allowed if they are used and disposed of responsibly.
  • No visitors without consent from fishery staff (current Covid restrictions apply)
  • No dogs or pets on site.
  • No drones allowed anywhere on site.
  • A speed limit of 10 mph around all lakes at all times.
  • No walking around the lakes during Covid restrictions.
  • No walking in Out of Bounds areas.



  • All nets, slings and mats must be dipped before going onto the lakes. Dip tanks are situated outside the tackle shop (Spring - Autumn water temperature dependent).
  • All anglers must have a fish care antiseptic product to treat hook holds, wounds and lifted scales.
  • Do not leave rods unattended at anytime. 
  • Landing nets & unhooking mats are compulsory for all lakes. Large unhooking mats (preferably with sides) or cradles & minimum 42” landing nets for The Big Lake 
  • No fixed rigs or leads are permitted. The fish must be able to free itself.
  • Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.
  • No sacking or removal of any fish at any time.
  • No braided mainline – except for use on spod or marker rods.
  • No braided hooklinks – coated is fine.
  • Rig checks will be carried out by asking the angler to reel in one rod on request by a bailiff.
  • Fishing in designated swims only. Anglers casting in an unused swim or out of bounds areas will be asked to leave.
  • No artificial baits except for foam or cork for use on zig rigs.
  • Tiger Nuts may be used if purchased from the shop to ensure correct preparation.
  • No bait boats on any lake.
  • All anglers must carry a current EA Rod License. You will be checked.
  • No keepnets except for approved matches.
  • Minimum of 2 foot tubing or purpose designed leaders must be used on all rods.
  • Max 2 rods on M1, M2 & Traditional Lake.


  • Strictly no live baiting.
  • Minimum of 15lb mainline to be used.
  • Minimum trace length 18” of at least 20lb wire.
  • No night fishing for pike.
  • No using pike gags.
  • Large forceps and wire cutters capable of cutting hooks/traces to be carried and used as necessary.
  • Semi barbed/barbless hooks only – if using semi barbed hooks the barb must be in the deadbait.
  • Pike anglers must use an effective indicator system that will show drop back bites as well as runs.
  • If you are an inexperienced pike angler, please come with somebody who is, or ask staff for advice.


  • Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.
  • Keepnets & landing nets MUST be dipped in dip tanks prior to all matches.
  • Elasticated feeders may be used if fished & set-up safely (e.g. XSafe type).
  • Two keep nets must be used - carp & silvers.
  • Net Limits 60lb all species  (max 5 carp).
  • All fish to be weighed & returned as quickly and safely as possible.
  • All fish to be returned from water level.
  • All draws & weigh-ins to follow any Covid guidelines.

If you are under of your set-up or equipment, or need advice on fish care, lake or techniques, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. We are happy to help!


  • 15 years & under must be accompanied by an adult Match Lake 1&2, Canal & Traditional.
  • No Under 18s on The Big Fish Lake unless agreed with Management in advance.
  • Over 12s require a junior rod licence
  • The safety of juniors is of paramount importance to us. Please abide by the rules.