The Rules of the Lakes

NO BRAIDED MAINLINE to be used on any lake unless it is to be used on a spod or marker rod. 

No dogs allowed on site at any time.
Any person who wishes to visit an angler must have permission from a bailiff.

Carp Fishing
Unhooking mats compulsory.
Must have at least 42" landing net.
Must not leave rods unattended.
Barbless hooks only.
Fishing from numbered pegs only.
Only fish from one swim at a time.

No particles(Hemp & Sweetcorn can be used)
No plastic baits.
No Sacks.
No fixed leads
No open fires (portable bbq's acceptable)
No litter.
No visitors allowed without prior permission.
Parking in designated areas only.

General Coarse Fishing
No keepnets.
Fish from one swim at a time.
Two rod limit.
Barbless/microbarbed hooks only.
No night fishing.
No litter.

Pike Fishing
You must be equipped with an unhooking mat, minimum 10 inch forceps and a large landing net.
Barbless or semi barbless hooks only.
Minimum line strength 15lbs
Wire traces minimum 18 inches long
Live baits only allowed i bought on site
No live bait to be brought onto site whatsoever.
You may only fish one swim at a time.
Fishing from designated area (see map).
Park only in marked areas.
Return all fish.
Please use toilets.
Care of fish is paramount.
Pike are fragile, maximum care must be taken.
No Litter.

Under 16s are juniors
An adult must accomany under 14s
An adult must accompany under 16s on match lake 1&2
Over 12s require a junior rod licence.

The safety of juniors is of paramount importance to us. Please abide by the rules.

Match rules
Fish care and water quality are our main priority at Suffolk Water Park. Please use tactics and bait to reflect this.

No Cat Food
No Floating Baits
Do not throw spare bait in until the match has finished.

Keep nets
Two Nets to be used, one for silver fish, one for carp (max 50lb). Go above 60lb in a net you wil be disqualified.

Hooks: manufactured barbless hooks only.
No bump barb or modified hooks.
No fixed rigs, including Paternoster and loop method.
Elasticated method feeders are allowed
No floating poles
No tapping poles on the surface

Weighing in
All fish to be handled with care.
No sliding fish down keep net into weigh sack.
Return fish to water carefully - preferably at water level.
No throwing or tipping back from waist height.

Speed limit
A speed limit of 10 mph around all lakes at all times.

We will endeavour to keep the fishing environment suitable for match fishing.
ALL litter to be removed from your peg.
No trees or vegetation to be damaged.
No bait additives to be used that will affect water quality.

These Match rules are for protection of fish stocks and to make your fishing experience more enjoyable. Anyone not following the rules may be banned from further matches. The Fishery Management's decision on all matters is final.