***MATCH LAKE 2 & 3 (DOUGHNUT)  CLOSED DUE TO FLOODS***                                                                        ***BIG LAKE, MATCH LAKE 1, CANAL, TRADITIONAL LAKE & JACOBS CREEK OPEN AS USUAL***


The Big Lake.

About the Lake

The Big Fish Lake holds 37 swims, is 25 acres in size with Carp up to 40lb.  The lake is a horseshoe shape with the back arm being the deepest with water over 14ft in places (pegs 1 (End Bay) to 12 (Drop Off). The deep swims round the back arm are generally more popular in the winter months with anglers fishing for Carp and Pike.

  • Portable toilets, which are cleaned weekly but please treat them with respect and keep them clean. (Flush BEFORE & after use)
  • Water supply, tap to side of Ticket Office for anglers' use.
  • Toilet & Shower Block including disabled toilet behind the Ticket Office.
  • Café Open 7 days a week from 7am to 3pm.  Arthur's Burger Van is booked every Saturday throughout May to September from 4pm - 7pm in the main Car park. 
  • Peg Deliveries can be organised (subject to staff availability) during opening hours.
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We have a strict NO LITTER Policy, so sit and admire the beautiful, peaceful surroundings and various wildlife whilst fishing on the magnificent Big Lake.


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Have a look at our Big Lake Swim Guide to help you.    

Fish Species

There are approximately 40 Carp at 30+lb including Pike to 27lb, Tench to 10lb, Bream over 15lb, a good head of Roach to 2lb and Perch & Rudd to 3lb.

Bookable swims on The Big Lake.

Peg 31

Winter 24 hours £40
Summer 24 hours £48

(The above prices are based on 2 anglers)
This double swim has been extended to be more spacious and it’s produced well all year round including Summer and Winter months.  Located near to all amenities, not far from the shop and next door to the café, this peg also has portable toilets off the road directly behind it.  It has been a welcome addition to our bookable swims and so far has proved popular with all anglers, especially those travelling long distances or with mobility problems.

The depth of water in peg 31 averages around 7ft. This is a double swim which gives the angler to the right of the peg, the opportunity to fish Peg 32’s water, which is now shut.   

There is plenty of gravel throughout this swim and there is no need to cast past the 70-yard limit.

  peg 31 BFL
  peg 31 BFL

Peg 31 BFL

(No Bait Boats are permitted in this swim.)

Flag Pole

Winter 24 hours £40
Summer 24 hours £48

(The above prices are based on 2 anglers)
Spacious double 3 rods each but also suits up to 3 anglers with 2 rods each. 
If you’re travelling a long distance and want to ensure a place on the Big Lake we’ve opened this swim up as a bookable peg.  The Flag Pole is situated on a small headland in the popular, more shallow area of the big lake.

It has a secluded walkway down to the swim and is ideal for families and fishing socials.  Because of its spacious swim there’s plenty of room for 3 bivvies with extra room for a barbeque area.