Suffolk Water Park will be closed from 5pm today (22.03.2020).

After much thought and discussion today we have decided to close the fishery and shop until further notice. We will reassess this decision next month and keep you all updated.

We value our customers and hard working team of staff, so we want to keep them safe. Although fishing is an outdoor sport the government are advising against non essential travel and we feel that although we love to accommodate you at the fishery we want to reduce the risk of exposure to and spread of the covid 19 virus.

Our staff and customers have families and children and we must all work together at this difficult time to ensure we remain healthy so we can enjoy our fishing again when we reopen after this situation is resolved.

If you have a booking within the next month, we will contact you to ensure you are aware of our closure and we will refund any deposits you may have paid.

Let's do this and stop the spread! Please stay safe and healthy and see you on the other side of this!

Please keep in contact with us as things could change in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support, Stu, Bex and Nick.

Jacobs Creek


Jacobs has recently been upgraded where a picnic/ social area, purpose built BBQ and a portable toilet are now in place.  

COST: £130 for 24 hours for the whole lake, we recommend a max of 4 anglers. 

Jacobs Creek can only be pre-booked upon receipt of a 50% deposit which can be taken in the shop or over the phone. 01473 832327.

The exclusive and stunning Jacobs Creek Lake covers 2 acres and has average depths ranging from 3 – 7ft.

The Lake holds 3 swims with 3 log cabins. This is one of our hidden gems and the whole lake is bookable in advance.

The cost is based on 3 anglers, although you are welcome to have more anglers at your discretion.

The cabins have no electric and are W12 x D10 foot with plenty of space for 2 large bed chairs in each.  There are steps up to the huts with mesh doors.  Parking is directly behind the cabins off the road.

During busy periods, a portable toilet is situated behind the huts.

Fish Species

The Lake holds a good head of stunning Carp up to a reported 28lb this year.  There are plenty of beautiful Tench to 5lb, Roach, Rudd and Perch. The Lake fishes well in the Winter with Pike to 15lb, so there’s plenty of choice.

jacobs creek
jacobs creek

jacobs creek


The construction of a Brick BBQ gives anglers a great social space to relax and cook, the robust gazebo supplies shade for those blistering hot days.  A sturdy bridge has been set up to link anglers in Hut 1 to the social area.

jacobs creek

Hut 1.

This has a platform and end stage leading from the cabin.  There is a small step up to the hut.
The water depth ranges from 4-7ft.  You can fish to the far reed line or to the right-hand bay towards the reeds.

Hut 2 – Middle Hut

The middle hut is a wider swim which is wood chipped and ideal as the base camp for socials.
The water depth ranges from 4ft to 7ft.  The lake bed throughout the swim is generally silty with extensive weed growing in summer. Clear spots can be found leading around.
  • Fish to the reeds on the right of the swim.
  • Fish the far right reed line to the swim.
  • Fish the silty gully halfway across the lake.
  • Fish to the overhanging trees at the back (this is the grilled outlet to the Big Lake)
  • Fish the left hand rear reed line of the swim.

Hut 3 – End Hut 

The end hut is situated on the Golf Course side and like the middle hut, is woodchipped.

The water depth ranges from 4ft to 7ft.  The lake bed throughout the swim is generally silty with extensive weed growing in summer. Clear spots can be found leading around.

  • Fish the sparse reeds on the left of the swim.
  • Fish the far left reed line of the swim.
  • Fish the far back tree line.
  • Fish far right hand side reed line in the swim.