***MATCH LAKE 2 & 3 (DOUGHNUT)  CLOSED DUE TO FLOODS***                                                                        ***BIG LAKE, MATCH LAKE 1, CANAL, TRADITIONAL LAKE & JACOBS CREEK OPEN AS USUAL***


Traditional Lake

The Traditional Lake is set amongst the most beautiful surroundings at the far end of the complex, is 6 acres with a small island in the middle.

It’s a smaller version of the Big Fish Lake with carp up to 30lb, Bream over 10lb and Tench to 10lb.  There’s plenty of Roach and Rudd to be had too.  Many anglers visit the Traditional Lake to get a bend in the rod if they usually fish larger hard waters. 

The swims are all wood chipped and even, with easy access to the bank from your vehicle.  These swims are suitable for you if you’re unsteady on your feet or have mobility problems, as they provide easy swim access and you can park almost just behind your swim.

Night Fishing:

Night fishing is getting very popular on this lake and with the limited swims booking is advised.  Please call the shop to register and book a space (not an allocated swim) to avoid disappointment. 

Number of pegs:

20 fishable pegs with 16 of them Night Fishing Pegs only.

Night fishing pegs:

3 – 5
10 - 12
15 – 19
22, 24 & 25
29 & 30

View Night Pegs Map

Water Depth:  Ranges from 6-9 foot.

Fish Species:

  • Carp to 29lb
  • Bream & Tench to 10lb
  • Rudd, Perch, Roach & Eels

Fishing Tips:

There is minimal weed in the water and a band of silt runs around the entire lake about two rod lengths out.

Don’t fish too far out, 2 – 4 rods lengths out is sufficient enough (maximum cast 25m only) and there’s no need to cast right to the island.  Don’t forget the margins!

Bait wise, try meat, corn or maggot. Pale boilies work well such as Mainline Salty Squid and Peaches & Cream.  A lot of meat goes into the lake so give the Bait-Tech Poloni range a go too.

If you’re fishing for Carp try a Zig-Rig in the warmer weather. </