Suffolk Water Park will be closed from 5pm today (22.03.2020).

After much thought and discussion today we have decided to close the fishery and shop until further notice. We will reassess this decision next month and keep you all updated.

We value our customers and hard working team of staff, so we want to keep them safe. Although fishing is an outdoor sport the government are advising against non essential travel and we feel that although we love to accommodate you at the fishery we want to reduce the risk of exposure to and spread of the covid 19 virus.

Our staff and customers have families and children and we must all work together at this difficult time to ensure we remain healthy so we can enjoy our fishing again when we reopen after this situation is resolved.

If you have a booking within the next month, we will contact you to ensure you are aware of our closure and we will refund any deposits you may have paid.

Let's do this and stop the spread! Please stay safe and healthy and see you on the other side of this!

Please keep in contact with us as things could change in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support, Stu, Bex and Nick.

Disability Access

Entry to the Complex:

Suffolk Water Park has a large carpark with plenty of spaces. 
The Water Front Diner has two disabled parking spaces outside and anglers are welcome to park next to the shop or temporarily just outside at the end of the path whilst they purchase their tickets.


There is a ramp to the side of the building and 4 shallow steps up to the shop entrance. The doors are wide enough for wheelchairs.
Wheelchair users will find that there is a lower reception area with a chest freezer, located at the end of the reception counter.  
Our friendly staff are happy to help you and will locate and access any bait & tackle you require from around the shop, just ask a member of staff.


The café has a disabled toilet which is available for use during opening hours, which are currently 7am to 3pm.   LINK TO WATER FRONT

Disability Access to our Lakes



  • Pegs 1 to 3
    These pegs are just next to Car Park 2 at the base of the horseshoe.  There is a short walking distance to these pegs.
  • Pegs 4 to 19
    These pegs are on the spit and therefore anglers need to barrow there gear up to the point.  The furthest pegs on the point are 10 round to 14.
  • Pegs 19a -21
    There is a parking bay at the base of the spit next to Peg 21. Heaven.  This will allow disabled anglers to use pegs 21 to 19a if they wish.
  • Pegs 22 – 31
    There are laybys all along the shallower side of the Big Lake with a short walk to the swim.  Peg 31 is popular with those with mobility problems as it is a double swim and near to the café and disabled toilet, with a portable toilet behind.
  • Pegs 33-35
    There are shallow steps down to these pegs and no hand rail so would be unsuitable for those with severe mobility problems.


  • The Traditional Lake is encircled by a road with layby just behind the swims.  All swims are flat and woodchipped.
  • Match Lake 1 has platforms with the exception of pegs 36-39 which are now woodchipped.  Pegs 1 to 9 have gravel paths down to the platforms which are reasonable steep. 
  • There is no parking behind pegs 2 to 10 but plenty of allocated parking is found near to the swims.  Parking is permitted on the road behind swims 19 to 32.
  • Match Lake 2 has square sturdy platforms and parking is permitted on the road behind all swims.
  • The doughnut has some swims that are easily accessible (under the trees) and the Canal has allocated parking with a very short distance to the swims.