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WATER LEVELS: Jacobs Creek, Match Lake 1 & 2 and the Traditional Lake have now re-opened due to raised water levels but still please fish with care.  There are also now 12 fishable swims on the Canal.

Anglers must also ensure they pack their waders as they may have to walk into the water to catch and release fish. 

Thank you for your continued support - SWP Team


BEX Bait & Tackle

BEX Bait & Tackle is onsite at the Waterpark and ideal for anglers fishing the day or overnight, to stock up on their terminal tackle, bait or drinks & snacks!  Our friendly & helpful staff are always happy to assist you to ensure you get what you need to help you enjoy your stay on the lakes.

It is situated next to the Waterside Diner, so why not just pop in to top up on your fishing gear and take advantage of the delicious food served next door with friends and family, looking out over the magnificent Big Lake?

The shop has a weekly delivery of Maggots and offers an extensive range of bait.

We have dead bait available in early October for Pike fishing but please note: strictly no live bait.

We also carry a selection of bait and tackle from:

  • Nash - Bait, Tackle & Clothing
  • Gardner
  • Bait-Tech
  • Mainline Baits
  • 30 plus (Pike)
  • Ridgemonkey
  • Drennan & ESP
  • Maver Match
  • Skee-Tex Hats, Socks & Footwear
  • Chub & JRC
  • Navitas Clothing & Footwear 
  • Camping Gear, NGT
  • Snacks, Ice creams & Drinks
  • Freezer Boilies & Dead Baits

The bait shop is open from 7:00am every day, and is located next to the diner.