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WATER LEVELS: Jacobs Creek, Match Lake 1 & 2 and the Traditional Lake have now re-opened due to raised water levels but still please fish with care.  There are also now 12 fishable swims on the Canal.

Anglers must also ensure they pack their waders as they may have to walk into the water to catch and release fish. 

Thank you for your continued support - SWP Team


14 Sep 2019

Dan Hockaday's 8 Carp haul results in 38lb 12oz Mirror!

38lb 12oz Mirror Carp

Dan Hockaday fished the Big Lake over 5 nights this September, landing 8 Carp in total and smashing his PB with a beautiful 38lb 12oz Mirror!

Dan, spent his annual leave at Suffolk Water Park fishing most of the week on the back of the wind.  The Mental Health Nurse from Colchester, fished for all his Carp in the silt feeding 20kg of Sticky Baits' Manilla boilies.

 Dan Hockaday Mirror Big Lake Dan Hockaday COmmon

Dan landed his whopping 38lb 12oz Mirror after a 20 minute battle, from peg 12 at 80 yards towards the reed line using a 16mm Sticky Baits Manilla Pop-up on a Chod rig.

He spombed bait over all the spots he targeted varying his hooks and rigs.  For a couple of his catches Dan used a size 6 Kamakura wide gape hook with Korda Camo 6 inch hooklink alongside a 2.5oz lead clip system.  Other rigs used included a size 4 Chod Hook on a helicopter leader on a 3 inch boom hooklink.

 mirror carp Common Carp Big Lake

The 28lb Mirror was targeted at 100 yards towards 007 and others at 80 yards, again towards the reed line.

Dan Hockaday's session resulted in 8 Carp in total, the 38lb 12oz Mirror, 3 x 20's and 4 doubles, so a productive and enjoyable session overall.

Dan said of his trip, "Can I thank you all for being amazing and running a superb fishery. You have all been so welcoming it’s been a fantastic session."

If you have had a great session or have beaten your PB, please send in your photos along with info about your catch, yourself, features targeted, rigs and bait used.

Thank you!