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WATER LEVELS: Jacobs Creek, Match Lake 1 & 2 and the Traditional Lake have now re-opened due to raised water levels but still please fish with care.  There are also now 12 fishable swims on the Canal.

Anglers must also ensure they pack their waders as they may have to walk into the water to catch and release fish. 

Thank you for your continued support - SWP Team


15 Aug 2019

Next Generation 485lb Carp Haul!!!

next generation match

The Next Generation Match sponsored by NASH on Saturday 10th - 11th August, was great fun and a total of 43 Carp weighing just under 485lb were caught for prizes!!!

10 Adult & Junior pairs received a NASH goodie bag at the start of the match and fished the Traditional Lake for 24 hours despite the high winds!

Next Generation Match

The pairs outside the shop after the Draw.

The NASH team took some time with each pair whilst they fished, giving them tips and advice on their techniques, tackle and bait.  Every pair caught Carp and enjoyed a breakfast bap courtesy of the Suffolk Water Park delivered to them on Sunday morning.

 Junior match
Jake Hughes and his Dad Dave had 5 Carp between them.

junior match

Not only did each pair get a great NASH goodie bag, they also had a breakfast bap delivered to their bivvy on Sunday Morning!  

 junior match junior match

Stuart W Mill (Fishery Manager) said, "This is the 4th Next Generation Match we've held and its becoming a really popular, regular event.  All adults & juniors express their gratitude to the NASH Team and they always enjoy themselves and look forward to the next one!  Its always great to get the younger generation interested in fishing this way, its  a chance for them to experience overnight fishing but its fun and informative too!" 

 The prizesprizes junior match


Overall Weight

1st KIERAN AND KENZIE McDONALD (peg 5) 147lb 13oz
 winners junior match junior matchjunior match

2nd ROB AND HENRY GOODRUM (peg 26) 66lb 6oz 
 winner junior match Henry Goodrum with his 16lb 4oz Common with Mike Hall from NASH.  Henry and Rob both enjoyed every minute and Henry left to enjoy his Birthday on a real high after coming 2nd Place!henry goodrum junior match

Biggest Fish

TOM ROBINSON (peg 28) 18lb Common
 biggest fish junior match junior match

Well done to everybody who took part and thanks to the Team Nash boys for your help with the event. 

The next Next Generation Match is now full but keep an eye out on the website and facebook for news on a similar event in the Autumn/Winter!!!

 Daz Fox from Team NASH had a Big Lake cracker during his stay over the weekend!Daz Nash junior match NASH