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WATER LEVELS: Due to serious drought in the region we have already closed the doughnut and Jacobs creek along with pegs 22 to 28 on the Big Lake, for fish and angler safety. The Traditional Lake has now re-opened due to raised water levels but still please fish with care.  Match lake 1 is open for day anglers but pegs 16 to 19 are closed for NIGHT FISHING, all other night fishing pegs are still available for bookings.  There are now 12 fishable swims on the Canal.

Anglers are advised to call before travelling long distances for updates on levels. Anglers must also ensure they pack their waders as they may have to walk into the water to catch and release fish. 

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10 Nov 2018

Carrot the Elusive Koi banked!

Danny Williamson from Benfleet, Essex banked Carrot at 28lb, 12 hours into his session (06.11.18) during the evening on the Big Lake at Suffolk Water Park.  The machine driver at a waste recycling company also banked a hefty Common at 31lb 9oz in the same evening!

Carrot is rarely caught and usually makes an appearance once per year and this is his 1st visit to the bank this year!  It may be surprising to learn that he was swimming around the shallows and that he's been caught in the same area the last couple of years!  Regulars know that you can't miss Carrot during sunny days when its warm, he basks away near the water's surface showing a bright streak of orange on the lake, usually with 10 big Carp trailing behind him!

Carrot Suffolk Water PArk

Danny used a snowman rig tied with ESP tackle and hooks.  He used CC Moore Pacific Tuna as bait.   Danny said, "I spombed roughly half a kg on two spots, I did this due to the seagulls hammering the spots if I had used a catapult or stick."

Common Suffolk Water Park

Danny fished to a slightly deeper area in the shallows, he said,"The range wasn’t far, maybe about 20 meters out. The weather was a lot warmer than it had been recently and I guessed the carp would move into the shallows at some point to get a bit of sun on their backs, the wind had died off too so I decided to fish the shallows."  Both the Carp came out of two different spots but using the same bait, rigs and tactics.

 Danny hadn't fished Suffolk Water Park in over a year due to us being quite far from his home and not having much time.  But with these two beautiful Carp on his list he's sure to venture back sometime soon! 

 suffolk water park Suffolk Water Park

Danny with the 31lb 9oz Common during the same session.

Please share your Carp catches with us but emailing them to suffolkwaterpark@hotmail.com

Send us all the relevant info about how you caught it, Bait, Rig, Tackle, techniques, Features etc. and we might write a story or send the info into magazines! Thank you.