Suffolk Water Park will be closed from 5pm today (22.03.2020).

After much thought and discussion today we have decided to close the fishery and shop until further notice. We will reassess this decision next month and keep you all updated.

We value our customers and hard working team of staff, so we want to keep them safe. Although fishing is an outdoor sport the government are advising against non essential travel and we feel that although we love to accommodate you at the fishery we want to reduce the risk of exposure to and spread of the covid 19 virus.

Our staff and customers have families and children and we must all work together at this difficult time to ensure we remain healthy so we can enjoy our fishing again when we reopen after this situation is resolved.

If you have a booking within the next month, we will contact you to ensure you are aware of our closure and we will refund any deposits you may have paid.

Let's do this and stop the spread! Please stay safe and healthy and see you on the other side of this!

Please keep in contact with us as things could change in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support, Stu, Bex and Nick.

Meet the Team

Thank you...

Suffolk Water Park is lucky to have many loyal anglers who volunteer to help out with working parties around the lakes and the complex, without whom, we wouldn't be able to achieve the standard we have.  

They come along and help at Fishing Clubs, Open Days and Matches, which not only encourages more people into fishing but also raises funds for local charities, so all of us at the park would like to thank the "Friends of Suffolk Water Park" for the contribution of their time for us over the years!
Match lake 1 suffolk water park
Pictured: "Friends of the Park", jumped into action to help build a fish fence during the floods in April 2018!

 Stuart Mill - Park Manager

Stuart Mill Suffolk Water PArk

Stuart has been at Suffolk Water Park since 2007 and has been running the park since 2011.  He has overseen the development of the lakes and facilities helping it grow, look beautiful, clean and safe for all anglers.  

Stuart is extremely knowledgeable in match fishing and has fished large matches in the UK and Ireland.  He's always on hand to give anglers tips on fishing if you let him have a go on your rod!

 Becky Eaks - Park Manager

Becky Eaks Suffolk Water Park

Becky has been at the Park since 2013 where she took on the management of the Bait & Tackle Shop.  Now that the shop has new and larger premises, Becky continuously updates and expands the product ranges available in store for anglers.  She also manages the marketing at the park including updating the website and App along with marketing materials such as the design and development of the Bankside Handbook Magazine.


Nick Cunnell - Duty Manager

Nick Cunnell

Nick Cunnell Suffolk Water PArk

Nick has been at the Park since 2015 but he's been fishing for over 35yrs so has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Predator and Carp fishing.  Nick has caught Carp over 40lb in the UK and abroad and is always helping anglers in the shop with tips & tactics to help them get a bend in the rod.  He is a "Let's Fish Volunteer Champion Trainer" with the Angling Trust.

Nick has gained extensive knowledge through his Fish & Fishery Management Level 3 qualification, attaining a triple distinction!  

Nick has extensive knowledge of all the Lakes at the Park so you can always ask him for valuable advice whilst he's on duty!

Becky Sharman - Suffolk Water Park Crew

becky sharman ladies carp angler

Becky Sharman

Becky has been around the fishing scene since she was a young child when her Dad used to take her out on his sea fishing boat.  After catching her first freshwater fish (a Jack Pike) at the age of 12 on a telescopic rod Becky dabbled in fishing until 9 yrs ago when she found her true passion for Carp fishing.

Becky said, "I'm a rare female with the same passion for fishing as the next man, my aim is to encourage and promote female anglers into this wonderful sport."

Becky currently fishes for Carp Team England Ladies and loves competing in various competitions in the UK and abroad.

In 2019 Becky managed to secure a win in the Forces Cup Classics and will be competing in the World Carp Classics in 2020 alongside International duties for England!

You can meet Becky in the Shop on Tuesdays and Wednesday Mornings, where she's available with Carp and lake advice and has been known to join anglers on the bank to help catch a Carp or two!