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WATER LEVELS: Due to serious drought in the region we have already closed the doughnut and Jacobs creek along with pegs 22 to 28 on the Big Lake, for fish and angler safety. The Traditional Lake has now re-opened due to raised water levels but still please fish with care.  Match lake 1 is open for day anglers but pegs 16 to 19 are closed for NIGHT FISHING, all other night fishing pegs are still available for bookings.  There are now 12 fishable swims on the Canal.

Anglers are advised to call before travelling long distances for updates on levels. Anglers must also ensure they pack their waders as they may have to walk into the water to catch and release fish. 

Thank you for your continued support - SWP Team


Health and Safety

Suffolk Water Park declares its aim to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all of its employees, visitors and customers, to ensure that all activities are carried out safely.

Visitors are reminded that no responsibility will be accepted for any accidents or damage to persons or property, however it may be caused.

It is equally the duty of every employee, customer and visitor to exercise responsibility and to do everything to prevent injury to themselves and others, for example by wearing protective clothing, by obeying safety instructions, notices and by the prompt reporting of accidents and potential hazards.

It is also the duty of every angler to:

  • Conduct themselves in a safe and healthy way so as not to expose risk to themselves or any other angler or visitor to the premises.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment when needed.
  • Do not use tackle or equipment without training
  • Do not misuse tackle & equipment
  • Report any hazards you see
  • Clear up all litter when you leave your peg
  • Behave appropriately on the premises
  • Follow the Countryside Code**
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult

Reviewed December 2016

Countryside Code**

Responsible anglers show concern for the environment and wildlife, and should be on constant lookout for signs of water pollution.

Anglers should always follow the Country Code and take particular care to take their litter home.

Discarded hooks and line are a danger to wild life and extra care should be taken to dispose of them in a suitable place.

  • Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work.
  • Guard against all risks of fire.  (Small BBQs are only allowed for use by overnight anglers only and must be used safely.)
  • Fasten/ lock all gates.
  • Keep dogs under close control. (No dogs are allowed on the SWP premises)
  • Use the correct access points and keep to the proper paths.
  • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls.
  • Leave livestock, crops and farm machinery alone.
  • Take your litter home!
  • Protect wildlife plants and trees.
  • Do not make unnecessary noise.
  • Respect other water users.
  • Take care on country roads.
  • Help to keep water clean